the dorm

Participants at EGG will be accommodated in Veres Péter Dormitory, which is located on the campus of the Centre for Agricultural and Applied Economic Sciences of the University of Debrecen. The address is: Böszörményi út 140.

Four students will share an apartment. Each apartment has a four-bedded bedroom, a small entry with two washbasins, and one study room with a fridge. You will not have internet access in the rooms, however there will be WiFi in the lobby area of the dorm. Please note that you will be given bed sheets only, so you will need to bring your own towels. There are common showers and toilets on every floor. There is also a kitchen equipped with a stove and a microwave oven, but dishes and utensils are not provided. You will have access to washing machines (but no irons) free of charge in the laundry room. Please note that washing powder will not be provided.

If you wish to share a room with other people, you can contact Anita Szalánczi and Zsuzsanna Egri at egg2014dorm (at) gmail (dot) com, and they will try to put you up with the people you want to be with. We apologize if we cannot grant all requests.

Please also contact Anita and Zsuzsanna if you wish to arrive before 27 July and/or leave after 9 August. You will have to pay 3300 HUF for each additional night.