about Debrecen

For comprehensive info on Debrecen, please visit http://www.iranydebrecen.hu or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debrecen. If you want to learn about Debrecen’s new music and drinks venue, Roncsbár, and the thermal bath and spa center, Aquaticum, check out this article on CNN (and don’t forget to bring your swimming dress ).


Travelling around town
Public transport is quite good in Debrecen. There are two tramlines in town. Tram 1 goes in a circle around the city center. It connects Debrecen Train Station and the University of Debrecen, where our classes will be held. The tram stop where you should get off to reach the university is called “Egyetem”. Tram 2 also goes around the city; it follows a route from Debrecen Train Station towards the dorm, where you will be accommodated. The tram stop that is closest to the dorm is called “Böszörményi út”, which is about 5 minutes of walking from the dorm. You can alternatively get on different buses or trolley buses if you would like to travel around the city. Tickets bought prior to the journey cost 300 HUF (ca. 1 EUR), and they are 400 HUF (ca. 1.3 EUR) when bought on board. Tickets can be purchased in advance at Debrecen Train Station, at post offices, at newsstands, at smaller grocery stores (e.g. Coop) and at the university as well. If you plan to use public transport extensively, it is best to get a week pass, which can be purchased at Debrecen Train Station (for 3100 HUF (ca. 10 EUR)). There is an application available for smartphones about the timetable of public transportation under the name of “Debreceni Menetrend”. The app is available in English as well.


The weather
The weather is generally quite dry and hot at this time of the year, but there may be periods of rain and relative cold. Make sure to check the weather before you leave at http://www.met.hu/en/idojaras.


The currency
Hungary is not in the Euro zone, and it uses its own currency called “Hungarian Forint”, or HUF for short. The exchange rate may be subject to variation. In April 2014 it was about 307 HUF/EUR. If you come from a Central-European country, you may be better off exchanging your local currency to HUF than buying EUR for the purposes of your EGG stay. The official daily exchange rates are published at http://english.mnb.hu.