Please follow the steps below:
Fill in the form here.
You’ll get a confirmation mail, though this may take a day or two.
If you want to withdraw, please send us an email at zeijlstra (at) yahoo (dot) com
There will be reconfirmation procedure later on (somewhere mid-late June), so please be aware that your registration now is not definite. Registrations made at the reconfirmation are definite and binding.
There are two fee options (one reduced, one regular). Please be aware that only students from former communist countries in Eastern Europe can apply for a reduced fee. The number of reductions is limited, so please only apply if necessary, as we probably cannot give it to everyone who asks for it. If this reduced fee would still make it really impossible to come to the school, send us a short letter explaining your case at zeijlstra (at) yahoo (dot) com and we’ll see what we can do.
Registration closes on June 10.
The submit buttom may be called ‘Formular absenden’. That’s short in German for ‘submit’.
For questions about registration and classes, please contact Hedde Zeijlstra at zeijlstra (at) yahoo (dot) com.
A webpage listing all the people who have registered so far has been created by Sabine Laszakovits and Benjamin Burkhardt. This webpage is available here.